NATURALINSTINCT is a Japanese handmade accessories brand focused onexpressing fundamental elements with distinctive interpretation.

Thebrand's theme is "wearing instinctively”, the products are allhandmade. Hyow Inaba has always been instinctively attracted to thediversified cultures and the thoughts of the 90s’ mixture period oftime.

Froma deep understanding and findings of that era, he came to one answer.

Everythingaround us is composed of “Elements”.

Atree gathers together that makes forests and woods.

Rainfalls, and water becomes a river which drifts to the sea.

Asingle cell aggregates into a living organism.

Cultureis born when people gather together.

Asfor the designing, one element remains just a point by itself, but bygathering those points of elements

ina thoughtful way, it forms into one unique design in the end.

NATURALINSTINCT combines abundant elements in multilateral ways to expressthe meanings of "Element." @n.instinct