Scenthas an almost magical ability to impact our emotions and calm ourlimbic system. The same can be said of the natural world — sopowerful is simply being in and with nature. Launched in 2014 byLinda Sivrican, Fiele began as a personal exploration of essentialoils with the ability to aid in psycho-emotional healing.

FieleFragrances are created to inspire positive feelings, confidence, anda sense of well-being in all who encounter them. Our perfumestranscend gender, age, and even interest in perfume, because theyappeal to people on an emotional level. Fiele compositions are madewith a global array of wildcrafted and organic essential oils,extracts, and absolutes, with an emphasis on premium naturalmaterials.

Thecarefully chosen botanical ingredients imbue Fiele Fragrances withthe elusive purity of nature’s most precious plant essences, aswell as ancient healing benefits. Fiele is luxe, clean, and a littleearthy — each scent an artful reinterpretation of old worldbotanicals brought to life in modern perfumes. @fielefragrances