Designer Kotoha Yokozawa studied technical design at Coconogakkou while shewas building her carrier in a fashion company after graduating from ESMOD JAPON.

She participated in the International Fashion Showcase at Japanese Embassy in London and established kotohayokozawa in 2015. Kotohayokozawa aims for an experimental creation with an emphasis onimprovisation, regardless of the existing methods of the fashionindustry. Based on the concept that “it’s not easy to stay calmsometimes. I want to wear the feelings overflowing in everyday life”, kotohayokozawa explores the relationship between clothing andemotions.

Her vintage mix style and unique material choices are the brand’s signature. Kotohayokozawa has two collection lines: TODO collectionwhich focuses on the pleated items and it’s seasonal collectionline kotohayokozawa. Additionally, as its sustainable project,kotohayokozawa makes one-of-a-kind items up-cycling deadstockfabrics, its archive pieces, and vintage clothes.


Kotohayokozawa’sclassic line which focuses on the fine pleated items since thebrand’s launch. The boldly cut decorations are its signature. Thecolors pallets, fabrics and the designs are updated every season.


Somebody is a kotohayokozawa’s sustainable line which focuses on up-cycleand making one-of-a kind items. The designer assembles the samplesfrom its archive collections, vintage clothes, dead-stock materialsand create new products. Kotoha makes this somebody collectionstrictly following its rule they don’t use any new materials.

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