Basedon the concept of creating “Denim Trousers as Dress”, we explorethe potential of contemporary denim that can be enjoyed not limitedto a casual down jean but can also be worn as a dressing trousers.Finding further depth in a denim, which is already essential for awide range of styling, we broaden the scope of developing a new styleof denim for the future balancing with the element of femininity init.

Thebrand made its start with director Miho Enomoto's commitment tovintage denim and her inquisitiveness. Denim trousers is made bycreating a new pattern and design different from that of general5-pocket denim pants, produced at a Japanese heritage denim factoryleaving the rough details that you can feel from vintage denim, whilebalancing with femininity to create a new genre. Each garment ofLIVINGTONE is established as a category of unprecedented denimtrousers that we have pursued.

Originally,while using the sturdy and thick denim fabric that is normally usedfor work clothes, we seek for creating unique patterns to make everywearerʼs body look beautiful, and new denim that incorporates manycomplicated specifications like darts and tacks of trousers tocomplete the "Denim Trousers".

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